PRESS RELEASE – 1200 km for Julian Assange stops in Ghent – Ghent residents apply for whistleblowers status

Nikolai “Kolja” Rewin left Hamburg on foot at the end of June to address the persecution of Julian Asange. Destination: London Belmarsh, where a large demonstration will be held on October 8 for Assange's release.

On Friday 26 August Kolja will make a stopover in Ghent. Ghent residents ask their municipal authorities to receive Kolja at the town hall, and will introduce a citizens' initiative to hold a "whistleblower street" and a "whistleblower statute" in Ghent, to the credit of Wikileaks. They also ask their city authorities to speak out in favor of Assange's immediate release and dropping of all the charges against him.

Friday 26 August 2 pm
People's House De Creeser
Spijkstraat 149
9040 Ghent
Phone 0497/230.760