“I don’t know enough about it”

Since we met many English speaking citizens in Leuven – native or not native, they might be Spanish speaking, Middle East or South Asian, due to the presence of the university and the international renowned hospitals Leuven has an international outlook – I will post the same link as in the former blogpost in Dutch. This is by far the best and most concise introduction to Wikileaks I have met so far. So for people who next time think “What the fuck are you talking about?”, take a look at this video to start with.

By the way I don’t blame anyone. Since the imprisonment of Assange last year in London Belmarsh and the US extradition demand there is kind of an unspoken “omerta” of almost all mainstream press journalists to inform the public about the dramatic and urgent case – as well as for his personal life and health, as for the case of Wikileaks, as for critical voices against more and more dangerous and authoritarian policies nowadays.

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