Public meeting on the Citizens initiative and press freedom

This Saturday Auguste 1, we do a meeting on the Assange case and freedom of press, with the following speakers:

– Marc Molitor, a Brussels based journalist who regularly writes and informs the Belgian citizens on WikiLeaks and the imprisonment of Assange.- Marie-France Deprez, the founder of the Belgian free Assange committee, Brussels based and gathering citizens on a weekly basis holding demonstrations- Luc Vanheerentals, a Leuven based journalist who follows and writes about what is at stake in the civil society on the local level

Due to the Corona measures we will welcome these people “online” with the following link:

We also do an “in real life” meeting in café Jukebox, at the Diestsesteenweg 97 in Kessel-Lo. The proposed planning:

16-17 pm: info about the signature action before the local council (how do we further proceed and prepare the intervention?)

17-18 pm: online meeting with our guest(s)

I discussed with the owner we could meet with up to ten people for this 2nd part and he will give us a specific place at the bar (like 2 or 3 tables in a corner or outside if the weather is okay. He has got WiFi and I can bring a Bluetooth box if needed). I will make a page with the names for the contact tracing. I would ask to bring an iPad or laptop for those who have one, this is not necessary for everyone, we could look with more than one at a screen and ask questions.

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